Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Game environment

I have been looking at a layout of a video game by Capcom, Resident Evil. The environment tend to be quite linear with the designer making just the essentials of the area the protagonist will venture in: making it, when looked at from outside the game, very straight forward.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Monday, 13 February 2012


The plan and section above show the initial layout of my temporary structure. Supported on drillbits stilts, the Capcom Store will house a display area, a cafe, comic book store, an arena, lecture/projection room, office and storage space...

Sketch photomontage of idea

The image above is a photomontage showing how my initial image of how the structure of my building will look like...

New Site

My new site is just by Shoreditch Hight street overground station...

It is a 157m x 14m[at its widest point] derelict piece of land that is just opposite the newly built Box Park: a temporary shopping mall made out of mainly 40" containers. I thought it would be logical to extend the layout of Box Park to my chosen plot of land to dictate its layout.

Thursday, 2 February 2012


My initial idea for manufacturing the building was with carbon fibre [for the vessels] and hard wood [for the supports and structure].

Layout of Structure

Concept arrangement of the programmes for the Store:

Vessel 1: Display [Where products are exhibited]
Vessel 2: Learning [teaching space/drop-in sessions where gamers are taught about games]
Vessel 3: Sales [The area to purchase merchandise and various products]
Vessel 4: Storage [Where products are kept for customers to purchase]

Preliminary sketches of G-uilding

Sketches of my G-uilding [term derived from game + building] programme and structure...

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Client Capcom

With the success Apple inc. is having in the video gaming front, my client, the Japanese video gaming magnate, Capcom, have commissioned to have a physical presence in the West starting with the Capital City of UK to drive up the sales of its games to try an emulate the rivalling company.

As a pilot scheme, Capcom has asked for a temporary structure to be constructed to communicate, educate and reach out to the community. The idea of Capcom Store was thus born. East london, being trendy and the creative side of London with a diverse community was chosen. The area regorges of mystical and world reowned myth, ideal for a game company such as Capcom know for its horror and survival games.