Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Short Film v2 explanation stills

Some stills from my 'exploring the grounds of Spitalfields' film:

The first scene pictures my shadow roaming the streets of Spitalfields in search of the ideal spot for the project.

Image shows the point at which the shadow intersects the body, the foot which carried the body for the search...

The realisation [and revelation] of the silhouette [my body] that the ideal location was the one which first caught my attention when I initially entered the site [alley]: the plant taking over the human dewelling.

Project 2.1_ Storyboard

The image shows the level 1 storyboard panels for our film, starting with an overall look at Tower Hamlets then zooming in onto the area in question: Commercial Street, Fournier Street and Brick Lane.

Project 2.1_ Chronogram

Group work project , me and Neil, on producing a mini documentary of Spitalfields. Initial idea was to  analyse the historical and social aspect of Commercial Street and Brick lane and provide contrast around the religious buildings.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Short Film v2

I played around with my short film to include some [After Effects] effects...  [Story] An introduction to the site whereby me and my shadow [as companion] explore the East London area to find a praiseworthy scene: a plant, slowly, taking over the facade of a human dwelling...

First trial at After Effects

Inspired from the After Effects tutorial we had on Wednesday, I decided to have a go at making my own 2.5D image...

Saturday, 22 October 2011

My short film reworked

My initial film, being a bit lengthy, I decided to try and shorten it. On the reworked version of the film, I wanted to make it the starting point, almost like a trailer, for the films we are going to be making.

The film starts by showing my shadow with the texts, defining it, which is followed by a few 'shadow stunts' that occurs due to the various illuminations on site. The ending reveals the lower part of my body, point at which my shadow connects to it. The idea was to show this gradual connection from the lowest possible point of my body to the highest [to be featured in future films].

Initial short film

My first attempt at making a short film using Spitalfields as my area. I initially focused on 2 different aspects of the site, due to my 2 personas: the high vision [roof of buildings] and lower vision [that's of the ground and my shadow as character].

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Real-Life 3rd Person View

Found this website about real-life gaming [third person] view the other day.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Project 1.3 - TIMELINE

The timeline above depicts stills from my short film entitled, Stroll in Spitalfields. The idea behind the film was to show shots of the translated vision [high and low] of my personas [open and shy] through a camera lens whilst walking around the Christ Church in Spitalfields.

The image shows the camera movement, around the site, that collected footage for the film shows from 3 different angles.

A description of how I captured footage for the short film is shown in the drawing above.  For the scene of the first person view representing my open personality I attached my phone, the nokia N8, to my cap and walked around the area. As for my shy persona, I filmed the ground [translating the tendancy for low vision for that personality] and my shadow accentuating the different grounds it covered. The shadow also gave the video a different feel, almost virtual, similar to that of a video game [specially its positioning giving it the over-the-shoulder view you commonly now find in games].

Friday, 7 October 2011

Project 1.3 - TIMELINE

As part of making the less than 2 minute film, I went to get some test footage at the site yesterday. The one above shows stills of the footage whilst wearing my camera, a Nokia N8, to my cap and walking round my site. Video showed me the hidden heights, views of buildings people are not accustomed to seeing, of the site.

Second walk I did was with the mobile phone filming the ground, catching my shadow on the various 'architectures' and man-made structures of the site, until it fades... Hopefully getting some nice shots tomorrow.


Project 1.2 requires us [one of our personas] to find a site or a piece of architecture in Spitalfields, East London to use as a setting for our first video exercise.

The area and alleys [as shown in the image above] around the Christ Church is of interest to me. The church is of interest to my timid/shy persona. Being a gamer I am accustomed to seeing prominent sites, as the Church in this case, always featuring in games.

I want to create a game-like atmosphere to my video, possibly using game-like cinematics [such as the image of the Church above].

Project 1.1 Wings of Desire_Chronogram

The first project for this year is to map, chronogram, an extract of the movie 'Wings of Desire'. Image above shows my understanding of the camera movement[divided into 4 distinct scenes, first being at the bottom and last scene being at the top], movement of people, and sound associated to the clip. Height of the sound waves demonstrate the depth/height of the space of the scene.